Mcniell Said Research Her Office Has Done Shows Cruz Has A Wells Fargo Bank Account With A Balance Of $353.

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14, 2018. McNiell said research her office has done shows Cruz has a Wells Fargo bank account with a balance of $353. She said he also has a Microsoft stock certificate worth $2,227, and a commissary account at the Broward County Jail with a little more than $650 in it. His mother, Lynda Cruz, died Nov. 1 after contracting the flu , leaving an Allstate Life Insurance policy in which Nikolas Cruz possibly stands to collect $25,000, Finkelstein said. McNeill said Cruz's mother may have also left an annuity behind, but it remains unclear how much it's worth. She said $3,333 from the annuity was deposited into a checking account Cruz had access to just prior to his mother's death in November, but no similar deposits have appeared since. Finkelstein said if such annuity deposits were to be made to Cruz's account monthly, he stands to reap up to $800,000. "It is my understanding there has been a delay in the administration of the estate that it is ongoing," McNeill said. "Mr. Cruz is, in fact, potentially a beneficiary of those funds. However, there have been multiple claims already filed against the estate of Lynda Cruz and there are multiple lawsuits that have been filed against Mr. Cruz." She said the public defender's office cannot help Cruz get access to the funds.

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